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I've suspected I've had some sort of social anxiety. I'm not afraid of everyone, just certain people. If I can be myself and wear jeans, shorts, etc. I'm better than if I have to wear a dress, heals, and stand around in a drinking environment (i.e. a Christmas party). Well, today I went to the gym but I had to also play sales person for my and my husband's company. I spoke to someone at the gym and gave them my business card. (I chose someone I thought I could trust). I was nervous, of course, and as I was walking out she ran into someone else's office smiling and I believe they were making fun of me. Now, I'm a little shaky with a rapid heart beat and I feel like crying. I'm humiliated. So, I guess I'm asking if this is some sort of social disorder? I'm on Lexapro, which usually helps. I'm trying to get pregnant so I can't take anything else. Right now I'm trying some warm milk to calm me down. Thoughts? Thanks in advance for any input.

P.S. I'm also upset with myself because a normal person can just brush this off and never think about it again. I'll be thinking about it for weeks!
I think we are all oversensitive at times, maybe ask doc about upping the lexapro dose to reduce your anxiety
exercising at the gym is very good for reducing anxiety but the exercising should be done in a relaxed way with no excess tension in the body