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Cnat orgasm on lexapro please help!!!1
If that's a big concern to you then,,,,,,, stop taking Lexapro and your orgasm problem will be solved! {REMOVED} If it's creating another problem for you,, you'll have to decide on either giving up orgasms and letting the pill do it's thing to you, or dealing with the issues by other means (natural remedies, exercise programs, breathing techniques, etc.)!
I've heard of some people adding wellbutrin to the lexapro to counteract that problem.
My BF is also on lexapro and could not finish for the life of him. I would just keep going even if I was done just to help him along and it just wasn't working. He considered taking something else to counteract the side effects of lexapro but then was able to orgasm on his own. At this point, sometimes he does, sometimes he doesn't but he's able to more often than not.