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Honestly, is there no cure for anxiety? Is it like the HIV of emotional diseases? I have SEVERE anxiety problems, and I have recently been asking myself if the rest of my life is going to be like this (I'm only 23).

The racing heart, constant outrageous worry, etc......Is it guaranteed to me forever? I am taking Lexapro, but it only does what it's suppose to......take the edge off. But aside from the edge, anxiety still remains. This CANNOT be how life is for the rest of my days.....or is it?

Input plz :(
Josh ~ I sympathize with you...the answer is yes, it can go away and no, you do not have to live your entire life like this. Last year after a brief illness, I became anxious and then began having full blown panic attacks. I could not be alone, I was always terrified, my husband had to be with me 24 - 7 and eventually lost his job. I had to try a few of the seratonin drugs - lexapro, paxil, etc. but had adverse reaction - cannot begin to tell you how bad that got...HOWEVER...my doctor prescribed Xanax and I began therapy with an anxiety program. The xanax helped me. There are several programs , but the one that helped me most was "attacking anxiety". It teaches you skills to overcome it. I wish I could tell you it is an overnight cure, but it isn't. In my case, I also had some other issues and began to see a christian counselor ~ Now, I'm still on the xanax, but my doctor said he will begin to wean me from it soon, very gradually. I do everything normally that I used to do, have coped with many things I never thought I'd be able to endure and I am enjoying my life. {REMOVED} THERE IS HOPE!!!! I wish you the best of luck!
Hi Josh,
I am sorry your going through this. Anxiety can go away. My anxiety started 9 years ago. I was very very anxious. I eventually got it under control and felt fine until just recently when some health issues have made it return. These last few weeks have been horrible for me. Constant worry. I can't eat, sleep or be left alone. But, I am starting to see light at the end of the tunnel. I am feeling a little bit of me coming back. I am currently taking Lexapro and Lorazepam. I hate that I have to take them but it helps me to get my thoughts back to where they should be.

If your not finding relief with the Lexapro there are other things available. Talk to your doctor and be honest about how your feeling. This board has also helped me alot. I am currently searching for a local group to join for support.
You will get better. I know it seems so hopeless now but you will find ways to make yourself better.

Good luck and I hope you have better days soon
to josh
the lexapro should be helping more, ask doc about upping the dose