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I guess I've always kind of been anxious my whole life, but the panic and severe anxiety never set in until a couple months back. I've been diagnosed with OCD in the past, put on lexapro and xanax, lexapro didnt do much, but xanax did for the ocd. Recently I went to a new doc, he said I had ADD, which was causing the anxiety. I tend to overthink the hell out of everything and replay it in my mind, kind of like overfocused ADD/OCD, its weird. Anyways, I just want to rid this horrible anxiety, shaking, startleness, shyness. The doc first put me on concerta, this made things worse. The last 3 weeks i've been on Prozac, waiting for the full effects to kick in, but as of now it almost makes me more anxious, I hear it's more stimulating than some SSRI's. I want to be on an SSRI, but I want to get off xanax because I take it everyday. Anyone have any luck with Prozac for anxiety?
give the prozac a few more weeks to see if it will start working, can take 6 weeks and take more xanax for the extra anxiery

lexapro and prozac are the same type of antidepressant, if prozac doesnt work it may be an idea to try another type of antidepressant such as effexor