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I have always had chronic depression... since i was a teen..i'm now in my middle 30's. I've always seemed to be able to snap out of it after a while, but lately things have changed. I cant snap out of it and now i have new symptoms. Over the past few weeks i have had palpitations, tightness in chest that is always there, my resting rate heart rate is between 98-110, dizzy spells, cold sweats, fatigue that comes in waves, adrenaline surges that are extremely uncomfortable while falling asleep, feeling faint, feeling of loosing it at any moment. The crazy part is i have nothing to be depressed over? My life is great? Have a great job, great home life, not to busy... what is going on?? I started seeing a therapist last week to maybe find out whats causing all of this :wave: ...and my dr. put me on lexapro this week...but these symptoms are still there. {REMOVED} Any help would be greatly appreciated.