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Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing well.

Today is my 14th day on Lexapro. I have noticed a little improvement in my anxiety. I don't know if it's from the Lexapro or the Lorazapem I am also taking. Here is my question. I feel some of the anxiety lifting but now I seem to have depression settling in. I know the two go hand in hand but I just feel so low. Trying hard to overcome it by doing things and keeping busy outside of the house but I am not enjoying anything.

Has anyone had this experience on Lexapro? I know these meds take time to work but I thought by day 14 I would be more improved than what I am.

Feeling so hopeless, Debill

It sounds as though the Lexapro may not be the right AD for you. I have been taking it since March, and mostly for depresssion - along with general anxiety. Right away the depression got better, and shortly after that the anxiety got better too. You should not be feeling depressed. That's what leads me to believe it might not be the right med for you. I would discuss this with your doctor ASAP, ok?
I went through the same thing at first, but the lexapro definitely took a good six weeks to start making me feel better. I have occasional anxiety/depression just like normal people now, but it's not nearly as bad as it was before the lexapro. I would recommend sticking with it for a few months before you switch. It has helped me a good bit.
Thank you for your replies. I am trying so hard to overcome this. I have health issues that lead me to this whole mess in the first place. I have been able to handle these issues all along and then all of a sudden two weeks ago my world came crashing down. It was as though my mind couldn't take anymore.

Just because it has been two weeks doesn't mean the Lexapro won't work..right? I have heard some conflicting stories on how long it takes to kick in.

Thanks again...debill
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give the lexapro more time, it can take up to 6 weeks to work properly, the lorazepam helps you get used to the lexapro
Oh how terrible! I have done the bouncing around with Dr.'s , I swear sometimes I think we know more than they do.
I take the Lexapro and it mainly helps with obsessive thought process which is usually what keeps me from going places the What if someone hits us, what if the car breaks down etc... I am doing better since starting the lexapro.
I hope it starts to help you soon too.
MS must be so scary to deal with. I can't even imagine what you must go through both physcially and mentally!
Yes our families do suffer. My husband is pretty good about it. My kids are too but sometimes they ask why we never take vacations. I won't go too far from home. I feel out of control the further from home I get.
Like all of us I am a work in progress and hope to beat all of this.
I too am suffering from agoraphobia-since on Lexapro I seem to travel places in town (mind you) OK I have terrible a fear of being on highways-(interstates absoultley gives me the hebe jebes) I haven't attempted that yet but well anyways since on Lexapro I can go out and do more than when I wasn't on it so I believe it has help me a great deal. Best of luck to you! Jules :)