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Hi LonelyTraveler,

I think its a really good idea to keep a diary. I just cannot make myself do it.

If you have gerd, do you take meds for it? It would help your anxiety to get your GERD under control. Also, you should not drink alcohol or decaf. when you have GERD. It just makes it worse. I do have a fancy coffee every other day, but I take load of meds. to counteract it. I take Nexium every day, and Pepcid Complete and/or Zantac as needed in the afternoon.

I do get dizzy when I am anxious or stressed. Just sort of like, I do not have my feet planted firmly on the ground. I take Lexapro, with just a little valium for the really bad days (1-2 x week). It does help a lot. I used to use alcohol for my stress/anxiety, but that is what tore up my stomach (in addition to aspirin and stress).

I do hope you get your anxiety under better control. And your sleeping habits. Not getting enuf sleep can make you feel worse too.

Take care and get better. Wannabe