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Since i started the lexapro i feel extremely dizzy at times through out the day even though i take it in the evenings. Is this temporary? I've been on it 5 days...and i fell drugged. How do I approach my Dr. about prescribing something short term for the anxiety until the lexapro does its job? I cant stand the anxiety symptoms.
I just started taking Lexapro 2 weeks ago. I still have small bursts of dizziness but not like it was in the beginning. If that side effect worsens or doesn't go away after awhile you need to let your doc know.

I am taking Lorazapem to control the anxiety. I was scared to take it at first because I don't want to get addicted to it but I would rather have to suffer withdrawel later on then be a basket case 24/7.

I just told my doc I was having a really hard time waiting for the Lexapro to kick in. I counldn't even take care of my kids. He didn't have a problem prescribing me something. I am not saying you should ask for Lorazapem but maybe one of the benzo's will work for you.

Good luck and I hope the Lexapro starts to work for you. debill