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Yes that sounds like anxiety. What do you think is the root of it? Its hard to know. I think I know what brought on the anxiety I experience. I was going through the best time of my life and graduating college...way happy time and out of the blue I got ill, severely ill. I was diagnosed with viral paracarditis, which was hard to go through and to me it was really strange because I am young. Well that lasted 3 months, and then after I got better from that....anxiety. When i was going through that illness I thought I was going to die, because that is what it felt like for 3 months straight. In time, hopefully I can let go of that miserable experience. But since then I fear going through that experience again, because of what I went through I started having panic attacks. Some days are better than others, but I still get anxiety but less extreme.My tests are all normal, normal ekgs, normal heart ultrasound, normal blood tests, including no diabetes, and no thyroid problems. All normal. Today I take Lexapro, and it has helped tremendousely. I never thought i would be taking a ssri daily for "anxiety". At this time it looks long term. No I did not do well at all with the side effects or early side effects of ssri's, but it balanced out. On a rare occasion I will have some anxiety but it passes and is not all all how it was when I first had the panic attacks. I carry ativan with me in my purse just in case I feel like I am going to really struggle with anxiety. Its been 2 months since I have taken an ativan. I think it is because the anti depressant does help me cope with anxiety.
Please consider my post. I got checked for diabetes, and thyroid problems as well. Sometimes these conditions can cause anxiety. Many times women who are going through menopause suffer severe anxiety. If you get checked thoroughly by your doc, you may want to consider that you do have Anxiety and you need to figure out what is the best way to work through it.
My sincere wishes to you and your family.