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I stopped effexor about 3 weeks ago. The last few nights I took lexapro (5mg the 1st two nights and 10mg last night), but I had an allergic reaction, so my dr. told me to stop it immediately. Is it safe to start back on the effexor tomorrow? I shouldn't have much of an ssri in my system, but didn't know if you could go directly to a snri.
Yes, it is hard to stick with! I can't remember if the effexor helped me or not. I am sure I didn't give it long enough, as I am bad about that! I start an ad, then read all the negetavies and then quit. I don't think effexor is even for panic disorder, though. Do you know? Is that what you were once taking it for? I wasn't sure if you could switch over from a ssri (zoloft, lexapro) to a SNRI, which I think effexor is? I thought maybe you had to wait a certain time period.