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I am on lexapro (10mg) and klonopin..both for depression and anxiety. My mom passed away 5 years ago at 57 and my dad 3 months ago at 61. My mom took her life due to severe pain from fribo and my dad died of lung cancer at home in our arms. He did not want to go and fought until the very last minute. I grieved so much while my brother and I were taking care of him and wondered why I did not grieve that much later. Well 3 months later it hit me like of ton bricks...the grief that is. Work has me so stressed and I was working 50 hours a week because of conversion. I blame it on work!!!!! I went to the doc (my regular physician) and his cure was to put me on more meds. He put me on Buspar. I took it for 2 weeks and it did not work...I felt like hell on it and could not sleep. I stopped taking it. I am still in depression and cannot handle the least amount of stress. I am going back to counseling starting Wed and I think that is what will get me through this. It did with my mom. I don't need additional meds!!!!! I used to jerk alot in my sleep and the knolopin has cured that. The lexapro does and did work but I think it is now time for therapy once again.....
Hi tmarie,

I am also on Lexapro, but not klonopin. I have a few valium for really bad anxiety days. If I were you, I would go to a psychiatrist. My family dr. referred me to one about 1 yr ago, but my insurance will not pay unless I am completely bonkers! I wish I could go, but I guess these boards are my psychiatrist! I have also read many books on anxiety, and learned how to breathe. That helps a bit, when I am by myself.

I am sorry about the recent loss of your dad. And that probably brings back memories of your mom. Keep trying everything you can, so maybe you can lower your anxiety/stress to a controlled level. I am almost there.

Take care of yourself. Wannabe
hi tmarie, i am so sorry for your losses. i too have suffered many close ones. my dad,my only sister (to suicide) and my best friend 6 months apart from each other. the worse by far was the death of my daughter. i have taken klonopin for years and am starting a 5mg lexapro next week. hopefully the 2 together will cut it. i have found therapy to be the biggest help. drugs are needed sometimes until the therapy kicks in and keeps you calm enough to get the max out of the therapy. loss of loved ones is very traumatic and i don't believe ever goes away. you just have to learn ways to live your life with it because you are different afterwards and i think a lot of the anxiety is not knowing who you are anymore without these people you love so dearly. i wish you all the luck. be well.