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Does lexapro make you feel any different when you take it? Is it like a painkiller and makes you feel (good) or you cant feel anything except for the aniexty changes. I just started taking it today.
I have been taking Lexapro since July 7th and it has really helped my anxiety a lot. I am totally relaxed in situations that I would have otherwise been very nervous. I attended a 4 hour conference the other day and I was completely at ease. Before Lexapro I would have been a complete basketcase: blushing and sweating. I have taken numerous anti-depressants and this is the only one that has helped me.
I have been off and on Lexapro for about a year. It is not a pain killer, but it does help my anxiety alot! You have to give it about 4 weeks to totally get the benefits from it, but its the only one that ever helped me at all. Hope you all have good results from it.
Americandancer summed up what I was going to say! It's almost as though it won't allow that thought process go hay wire. Another thing I noticed (I started in April) I have not cried once since I started it. I use to be driving in my car and just cry for no apparent reason. My daughter just started KG and I was so scared I would have a melt down but I handled it SO much better than when my son started 5 years ago.
I have two friends who don't know I even take Lexapro tell me in the last month I sound and seem calm! One day I was with a friend and had car trouble. Normally this would send me in a huge state of panic. My friend was the one having a melt down and asked how I was able to stay so together!
My husband is real glad I am on it. He too notices a big change.
It has been a real God Send for me.
Did lexapro make you guys gain weight? You recon it will help with Obsessive Compulsive disorder??
Whats the Difference between LEXAPRO and ZOLOFT???

I know they are similar, but what is the difference? There has to be something?