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Hello --

I just started using Cynbalta, replacing Lexapro. I've used Mirpex for RLS and depression for a couple of years, and use Ambien from time to time.

If I understand the preceding discussion, there is no problem using these three drugs in combination. Is that right?

I came upon your site trying to find out how the Mirapex and Cymbalta might interact in the different ways that they facilitatie Dopamine availability. Does anyone have any facts or theories to offer?
Hello --

I am new to this forum and am not sure how I got to this "Quick Reply" box -- or whether a post I just tried to make to this thread went through.

SO! Here is what I said in my earlier attempt:

I have just started taking Cymbalta as a replacement for Lexapro, which I took for several months as a replacemtn for Paxil, which I took for about a year.

For a couple of years I have taken Mirapex regularly for RLS and depression.

I came upon this site when searching for info on how Mirapex and Cymbalta's different ways of facilitating dopamine availabilty might interact.

Do any of you have ideas on that? Is there any other site or any other thread or subforum on this site you'd recommend I investigate for info on this?

Also, in this thread have you concluded that it's ok to combine Cymbalta, Mirapex, and Ambien?