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To Serena:
HI! Glad we are helping you out some. To address that lump you feel,,,yes..
its more than likely your muscle...its called a "trigger point" They are tight litttle nodules in your muscles that knot up and cause pain. There are several books out about trigger points...I have one myself..it is amazing what your muscles can do to you. THats why I ended up in physical therapy again...I overdid it and my muscles were in terrible shape and had trigger points in them. Get a book on it or do a search and read for yourself about trigger points AND how to get rid of them. I havent tried the drug you are talking about and not sure what its for. I am just on flexeril right now along with lexapro for the anxiety I am having with this again. Hope I have helped you out and good luck to you! God Bless! Tina :wave: