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Hi again,
Most of you may know my story, I overdid it back in Aug. had neck and back pain, which brought on my tmj pain again...well..I have been doing better as far as pain and being able to do more..BUT the thing is ..its been 3 months and I still have to watch what I do or I am in more pain...if I do to much or like today...I tried to push a buggy in a store and got pain in my right shoulder which radiated up into my head, etc....My physical therapist says this is all muscular due to my tmj problem...HAVE any of you out there had this much of a problem or a lasting problem after a flare up? I just dont know what to do. I am fine if I just do nothing....its when I move and how I move that brings on pain....I am starting myofascial release again tomorrow but my p/t will only do it for one more month...I cannot make them understand how bad I need that therapy..and how it really helps me and I am getting very frustrated also! I am on flexeril at night and klonopin and lexapro for anxiety and depression...Should I dig further and perhaps see a professional or have an mri done on my neck? My jaw seems fine now and no tmj headaches....its like the muscles in my neck and upper back are really messed up. I also feel pain down my legs and just all over my back at times too. Please help me with any advice!!!! I am so tired of this pain!! Thank you so much! Tina :)