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I am a 23 year old male. 3 months ago I had a UTI with visible blood in my urine and burning during urination. I was prescribed cipro for 10 days took it and it seemed to have went away. Last weekend I was urinating frequently again and had very subtle abdominal pains (almost unnoticable). Went to my doc monday did a urine test, and he said they found trace blood in my urine. Had an appointment with my urologist thursday they did blood test and took another urine sample. CT scan was 1:30pm yesterday.

I am so worried this is some kind of cancer and my life is going to end. I'm already on lexapro for anxiety disorder and I've been taking xanex like they were tic tacs the last few days to deal with my panic attacks thinking that I have some kind of cancer. I know females have trace blood alot but have not heard of this in males much. Can anyone shed some light on this situation so I might be able to get some sleep in the next few days.