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thank you Karen. I KNOW you understand. It's about 2 am and we are doing or attempting to do the recliner thing again. The discomfort is too much for him tonight. I thought about him taking his Xanax before the procedure but I want to make sure before he takes it that it will not interfere with his procedure. I know he is thinking about taking medical retirement from work, but his concern is loss of 80% of his group life insurance and what it would mean "afterwards". I know my employer will do everything they can to help me out, they have been very supportive so far. I have been with the company 13 yrs and have a job that could be done a good portion of from home. I would need to go in and print out hard copies of reports off systems unavailable to me from home, but you know Karen, what worries me is leaving even for a short time and coming back to find him "gone". I could never forgive myself it that happened. That he would die alone. No one should ever have to do that .... but it happens, I know.
I do get some help from RX. I am one never to take medicine unless I HAVE to, but in this case, my doc put me on Lexapro. It's not strong at all but it helps. Sometimes he and I share a dosage (one pill each) of Simply Sleep by Tylenol. But some nights, even with all of that, sleep eludes us.

He wants to have a poker party Sat night. I thought this to be an excellent idea. The crock of it was when he called to round up the people, his oldest daughter's boyfriend, 42 yrs old and a smoker, wondered if he could smoke here during the game. Now mind you, we have had monthly get togethers for 2 yrs now that include him and he knows firsthand our situation. Number One rule is no smoking in the house. We provide ashtrays on our front porch and hot chocolate for those who wish to smoke an go outside. I could not believe that even popped out of his mouth. And, the guy is trying to recover from pneumonia himself. Bud's daughter said he coughs every time he takes a puff. What is wrong with this picture.

Well, I think I'll go back upstairs and check on my guy. I hear him moving around again.

I'll keep you posted and you do likewise. I don't know what I would do if I did not have this safe harbour of refuge to come to every day.

Take care and prayers back to you.