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Hi Semrpon: I have been suffering with anxiety for most of my life and I have answered your questions as best as possible.

Will i suffer from anxiety for the rest of my life?
I just asked my dr this today and she said no, that with certain life changes and the correct meds, I won't have to deal with it forever

Can it be cured with medication over time or will i need to keep taking the medication for the rest of my life to feel normal?

I don't think you ever have anxiety cured, more like managed, but a lot of people can go on SSRIs (like Paxil, Lexapro, Zoloft) for a year and have it help the anxiety to the point where it lessens enough not to need further treatment. Best to talk to your dr about this because it depends on what type of anxiety you have

Are there any known side effects to anxiety tablets/medication?
There are a lot, but most of them are mild: diarrhea, neasea, extreme thirst, weight gain, increased anxiety, decreased sexual drive, a lot of them go away within the first month

Has anyone here had anxiety and got medication?If yes does it work?

When I first went on Paxil it was an amazing thing. I could not believe the life changes it was: night and day. I remember one day looking up at the sky and being like 'thank you Paxil for helping me' now this was about 2 years ago and the Paxil is no longer effective for me and made me gain 30 pounds, but I must say that it was the best one that I have used. I am currently on Zoloft and going back to my psych. tomorrow to get reevaluated as my anxiety has been sky high recently. Please stop over to the anxiety board, very knowledgable and kind people over there.

Hugs and good luck!

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Hi.. I don't want to mislead you and I just wanted to let you know that Paxil is very hard to come off of. Everyone reacts differently to different ssris, but most have had side effects from Paxil coming off (moreso than others in my experience). I just saw my psych. today and I'm starting on Lexapro. He said that it's a 'purer' SSRI with less side effects.. we'll see.. lol. I'd suggest going to a search engine and typing in anxiety meds and it will come up with some of the meds and give you a more in depth description than what I can on the internet. I just like going into the dr's prepared so when they say 'we're gonna give you X' I know some about it! :) Keep us posted