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This is Tina..Most of you know my story..I am the one who injured/strained back and neck while sweeping out my new house last August...I continue to do a little better every day..BUT I still have pain at the end of the day in my back and neck., My p/t says it is totally muscular and then other doc's say its my back, etc,. I will tell you how my day goes and pray someone can relate to me and let me know if it is just muscular or not....I get up feeling generally fine,,I take lexapro, flexeril and klonpin before going to bed..so I sleep great...I get up and if i do abosolutely nothing I do not hurt. It's when I do things like hold a phone too long, or wash dishes too long...or drive too far, etc., that I get pain in my back that radiates. My right scapula is what hurts because I am right handed. I am going to a massage therapist now once a week which seems to help. I went to a pain mgmt doc yesterday who wants to do those injections in my back..I do not want to do this...And they have me scheduled for an MRI next week of neck and back....Could anyone tell me if this sounds just muscular OR if I may have ruptured a disk...I would think if I rupturted a disk or something I would be in pain all the time. I got over this before and was doing great until I swept out the house without taking a break..I would just really appreciate some advice or help at all here. I am so tired of hurting...by the way..my jaw is fine, no headaches, etc...its just activity that makes my back and neck hurt. Any replies are so appreciated...this board is great!! I look forward to replies soon! Tina :)