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Hi Molly, I'm still around from time to time, just mostly talking with the other gals that used to be on here. We miss you though, wish you were with us too.

I am doing good, actually great these days. My meno sisterhood keeps me grounded and laughing alot, which is sure good medicine to forget about all we're going thru in menopause. Ever since I added the 5mg of Lexapro back to the Wellbutrin, I feel really good, even better than on Lexapro alone. Now see, if my GYN had just listened to me when I asked for both, I would have felt good all that time! :nono:

My tummy is doing good most of the time now, I am still taking the DGL licorice, plus I have quit drinking cokes and diet drinks. I think that has probably helped more than anything!

Take Care!