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I got such a good laugh out of this post, because this was me a few years ago. I got to the point that even hearing my hubby BREATHE would piss me off! lol I was so short tempered with him and said some really hateful things to him, but he never commented on it. Actually, it was a good thing for me because I have always been so soft with him and not stern when I should be - so this was really a turnaround! I would get up in the morning and just look at him and be furious at him for some little thing he had done.

I not only hated him - but I hated everyone else, myself included. That's a bad way to be feeling. Then on top of that, I got really depressed so I went to see my doctor. He put me on Lexapro (AD) and within a couple of days, my feelings toward my hubby were completely different. He no longer irritated me.

Things DO get better, believe me. I think I look better right now than I have ever in my life. I got Lasik surgery on my eyes, started having my nails done - just things for "me" that made me feel confident again.

My breathes heavy and it sounds like he is asleep, but he's not. I would keep looking over at him to see if he was asleep. I think it's from him smoking so much, which is another thing that irritates the snot out of me! But - anyway, those things don't get to me now. Like Diane said - he couldn't do anything right no matter what he did. Everything about him pissed me off. I was very unhappy with myself too though. I looked fine, I was thinner than I had ever been (everyone was telling me I was too thin). But I felt I was getting old and I wasn't handling it very well.

Any way - I think the big change for me was getting on Lexapro and it changed all the negatives into positives.