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Hello Jackie:
Four weeks post-op is a big accomplishment - well done! I went back to work 6 weeks after my ACDFs - at 4 weeks I was just moving around the house pretty well, and was starting to drive on short jaunts. There was some range of motion loss after mine, and it takes some practice to learn to move differently. Not a huge deal, but there are some differences.

As for meds, I've taken either oxycodone or hyrdocodone for pain. After the second ACDF I ended up with some residual pain that won't entirely go away, and I still take 2 or 3 pills a day now. It's enough to take away the concern from the pain, and I can still function OK to go to work, etc.

I also have a muscle relaxer (Flexiril) to treat the muscle spasms that still occur from time to time in my shoulders and neck, but I think the spasms are getting less frequent with the passing of time. When they happen it's still painful, but if I take a Flexiril I pretty much have to stay home for 12 to 15 hours since they really make me drowsy.

I had some depression after each surgery, and tried a drug (Lexapro, I think) to help, but I really didn't like the way that made me feel. So, I got some counseling and learned some techniques to deal with the blues that don't require taking anti-depressants. One of the web sites I visited while sorting through that phase made the statement that a very large percentage of people who experience severe pain for an extended period end up with depression symptoms to some degree. I still have periods where the blues come back, and it's something I'm learning to live with. I know the things to do to get me through it, and I know that there are better days ahead.

26 pills a day must be quite an ordeal - I'm wishing better days ahead for you.

Did you get a chance to ask the Dr. about if/when it would be OK to try some physical therapy - it sounds like you are hoping to take fewer meds at some point, and PT might offer some relief. It also helped me get comfortable with how much (or little) it was OK for me to move my neck to minimize the risk of more problems down the road.

Best wishes for a continued recovery!
does gabapeptin cause depression if you take too much or too often? i have been feeling really off lately. i have been taking the gaba since feb. & it is the only thing that really works for me at this time. i talked to my dr. wed. mar. 08, & he said you can take up to 3600 mg. of that & not overdose. he also pretty much told me i should stay on my lexapro as it helps the heart & has no bad side effects. i just want to start feeling more like myself. i am usually a very upbeat social person & since i haven't worked since oct 05, i feel out of the loop so to speak. i will say that i am taking serrapeptase & that does help w/ pain & is a homeopathic pill.
i hope things get better for you, i truly do. i know just waiting this long to have surgery has really kind of turned me into a downer w/ everything.
you take care & keep your chin up. better days are ahead. :angel:
CTmom,just a thought here,you did not have a "tough" dr,you had an appalling dr.honestly,to send home a patient who just had ANY type of actual surgery,espescially the type you did,without bothering to actually Rx any sort of pain meds is really neglect,totally.that just sickened me when I read your post,honestly,that is just so inexcusable.I DO feel for ya,really.

just what was this surgeons justification for not appropriately treating your very real and very expected and normal post op pain?I would actually file a complaint on this masochist.This was neglect on his part,totally.You know,you do always have the option of discussing this type of crap with your primary.thats what I would have done in your situation just so he would be aware of it and I know my primary would not have just let me suffer thru something like that.Honestly what this surgeon did to you just really does make me sick.you should not have had to endure that shoddy type of treatment.Just when you think you have heard it all.wow.You must be one tough lady.you DO have my admiration for toughing out what I amsure was a really nasty painful episode.this guy should be reported though,that was just true neglect.there ARE laws out there now to adress this very thing.

mitchie,do you feel that having a pain level of 3-5 is acceptable for you?I am only asking as realistically,getting your pain levels down to nothing sounds like,as with most cases,a virtual impossibility.for me,I would love to be able to actually get down to a five,really,a five,to me,would be considered just "tolerable".alot of us with spinal issues and other painful medical issues,will never see a total relief of our pain so you have to be willing to really be realistic in your expectations.unfortunetly this IS the reality alot of us actually face.

i suffered ALOT of damage to my actual spinal cord due to a surgery to try and remove what is basically a glob of blood vessels that had formed inside my cord at the C 7-T 1 levels.This resulted in some of the most god awful hidious nasty pain syndromes and other bizarre symptoms that I cannot even put into words.The worst of the worst is the RSD that was triggered by sympathetic nervous system damage.I also have alot of other structual problems in this same area of my R knee.my pain normally willrun from about an 8 to a ten plus on some days.It has been a flippin nightmare to just try and deal with allof the crap that resulted from the specific nerve damage and mostly the actual spinal tract damage.this unfortunetly also caused me major damage to the actual pain pathway that is located inside of the spinothalamic tract?according to my NS,all of my actual pain signals are being 'deranged" on their way up to the pain receptors in the brain.Belive me,deranged really hits the old nail right on the head as far as explaining just the hidious nature of the types of pain i feel.

I am currently on 80-80-60 of oxycontin,two oxy IRs for breakthru pain per day(woefully inadequate)gabitril(a similar type of med as neurontin)robaxin two tabs four times a day,valium four halves of the 5mg pill four times a day just to try and control some really nasty spasticity in my legs(not working the greatest)lexapro to try and get some sort of better outlook on all of this crap and try and lift this depression that will consume me on the really bad days,and then aspirin which I had to start taking after a wonderful aneurysm was discovered this past september when my NS sent me for an MRA to see whther the increase in some facial paresthesias I had been having were just due to the actual c spine damage I had or something else.I was not prepared for that Dx at all.luckily it was coilable which is a wonderful thing and the best and least invasive and risky way of actually treating aneurysms in the brain.so THAT was a big whew,believe me.

Are you currently seeing an actual pain doc or are you being treated by someone else for your pain issues?My pain doc was a godsend for me,really.they can just offer you so many different modalities to try and control some pretty incredible pain in ways that no other doc realistically can.i really don't know how I would be able to actually deal with this ongoing nightmare without his help and understanding of just how all of my damage is creating all of these really unbelievable and totally freaky types of pain I now am forced to try and deal with.

If I could get my pain down to at least a five,well,that alone would be a wonderful achievement for me.this has just been all so very hard to try an adhust to and live with,but I keep trying to find the right types of meds to try and deal with all this crap.some days it is really hard to just force myself to get out of bed but i know I have to keep doing it as once i decide I just don't want to anymore,thats when i will really be screwed.

You really need to ask yourself just what you feel is realistically acceptable and obtainable with your specific types of pain,you know?i know without a doubt,i will never ever be pain free,but I am hoping that as long as I don't give in to the pain and keep trying,that hopefully one day I will actually be able to get down to 'my' acceptable level of that five.

If what you are doing now,is actually working for you and is giving you the ability to obtain enough relief so you do have a fairly good quality of life,I really wouldn't try and make too many changes in your meds at this point.but if you feel that you can do better or if your pain starts to go up and you are losing that certain level of control you are having now,well,then go for different options til you can find that 'magic"combo that will bring you down to a more accetable level.just be realistic in your expectatins while trying to deal with this.like I said,in some situations,certain expectations are just not realistically acheivable and all you end up doing is feeling defeated by your pain.you just need to look at what IS really possible given the types of pain generators you are dealing with and coming to terms with what the reality of your situation is.that really has been the hardest part of having to deal with all of this.i was expecting wayyy too much and it only added to my feelings of depression and that totally 'out of control' feeling i was having.it wasn't til I spoke with my pain doc about what was realistically possible given my circumstances that I actually started to feel better about what i was dealing with,you know what I mean?

I hope you can get to a comfy level with your pain,just remember to include the reality checks from time to time or you will always feel like you are in that "defeated" state of mind.
i do wish you lots of luck and hope that level can get to where you feel it is at least tolerable.marcia