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Guys, Thanks for the quick response. Never had a clue something like this was out there, I think and hope it will help me through this. 4 days and counting have to do lab work monday and be at hospital 600am sharp on thursday. On hydro 10,s now every 4-6 hrs as needed and lexapro 10,s for
feeling like crap. My sister and husband will take me and pick me up and insist I spaend the first night with them but plan to come home next day. So far Ive learned(from u guys) to stock up before hand so nothing except meds will have to be picked up. Anyone have any info on the voice thing ive heard all kinds of stuff about that from sore to losing voice altogether for a while. One more thing for now anyway, I have a 13 yr old son who wants to come over(i'm divorced) and help me that first weekend. would that be a plus or a burden, meaning will my mood be "better off left alone" or what. Thanks to all for being out there, I feel a lot better already. Worst comes to worst i will be able to use the keyboard huh?

Keep you posted
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