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I'm 32 years old. Last year I had an odd occurance that still leaves me with anxiety. I hot a small hard movable lump above my right breast, like on the brastrap line. It hurt. A few days later my right armpit swelled and hurt. Then about two days later it all occured on the left side just not as severe. When I went to doc he told me it was just swollen glands, they want away, don't worry. However these lumps are no longer swollen but still there. When I went to OB she sent me right for a mammo. (I should also mention my breasts leak milk occas. I haven't nursed in 2 years.) They found something in the deep part of the breast, but they couldn't manually feel it. So I had an ultrasound. I was cleared but they asked me to return in six months. This would be in June. I freaked out and they sent in the radiologist and a doc to talk to me. They said that if they felt it was cancer they would send me to a surgeon immed. However, since all of this I continue with some symptoms. Arm pain, mainly in my bicep area the week before AF. Itchy armpit on the right side only. My dad's sister had breast cancer 2 years ago. So there is a risk in my family. Can anyone shed light on any of this. I see OB for a manual breast check this week. Any ?'s I should ask prior to the June date? Any help at all will be so appreciated. I am on Lexapro for my anxiety but at times it's no help at all. Thanks!