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:wave: i probably am somewhat depressed. i do take lexapro, maybe at this point, i need to tell my dr. of the long sleep periods. i did, however manage to stay awake today & got some sunshine. it was after 3pm, my pain started & continued to keep getting worse. all i did physically sunday was carry 2 sacks of groceries in my house. i didn't think they were too heavy and more than likely they were. i also noticed if i am standing up & leaning down (to pet an animal), it hurts to lean down or try to reach something above my head. all this pain makes me wonder if it will ever end. i am trying so hard not to take the pain meds. but i continue to use them when the pain is at this level. i am hoping the p. t. helps alot! :)
thank you for your post.
have a wonderful monday.