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I was on Zoloft for a few months - lost weight.
Came off it because I feared it was causing my grinding/bruxism.
I felt much, much worse. So I am now on Lexapro - 10mg a day.
I feel a lot better, anxiety/emotional-wise. I have not gained anything on it.
If anything I have lost. I was about 132 lbs last Summer am down to 115 - I am
5'7" so pretty low for my height.

It has not helped my TMJD though. I also will take one half a Klonopin to relax my muscles in my jaw after a particularly stressful day - I find it helps. I also take Ambien at night to sleep.

I too had braces as a kid - and they did a lot of moving around of my teeth. I fractured a tooth and had to have a root canal and crown put on over the past few months - and it has made my TMJ worse. I also have a bad bite now, I am convinced it is a result of my worsening TMJ.

My TMJD gets worse as the day goes on - I am better in the morning. The opposite of most.