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Thanks to you both for the responses. My symptoms began about 6 months ago at the same time as a cracked tooth began to hurt me and after my dentist tried to bond it and it did not reduce the pain - I had 2 treatments by an Endodontist for a root canal. Tooth is now sensitive - but nothing like it was.

I have jaw pain, headaches, sometimes difficulty swallowing, a bite that has shifted and is uncomfortable, earaches, jaw feels like it is in a vice - all the typical symptoms. Saw an oral surgeon end of February who ordered an MRI - and made me a soft nightguard. I could open to 31mm and he said my spasms were too bad at the time for a hard splint - but that my regular dentist could make me one when I improved. ?? He also told me to come back in 6 weeks, said if I did not improve we could try trigger point injections or that cold spray to stretch my jaw. But I did not go back to him - I did not care for the way his office was run or how I was treated.

In the meantime i focused on having my RC done. MRI was read by a radiologist who sent me the report and he said it was normal. Returned recently to have my crown put on and a small cavity filled and my regular dentist told me the oral surgeon reported back to her, that the MRI was not normal. I have disc displacement with reduction on my left side - the side that hurts most, the side with the tooth that was fractured.

Now when I open my mouth as wide as I can - I can see the disc slide out and protrude on the left side - (not the right). When I put a finger in each of my ears I can hear my jaw click when I chew.

Have been eating only soft foods, eating less and lost weight. I take Klonopin at night to reduce the spasm - seems to help a bit. I also was taking Zoloft but stopped when I learned it might cause bruxism. However my anxiety returned (had a bad year - abusive marriage), so I was prescribed Lexapro and it has helped me emotionally - a great deal. I see a TMJ specialist on Thurs night- if he suggests I stop the Lexapro, I guess I will.

That is about it - thanks for the responses!