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The doctors have taken a cat scan and said everything should just leave my body in due time and that everyone is different. The one comment i would like to make is about the pill itslef, because my friend came back from south america on vacation and brought them back so questions may arise as to the actual pill itself. The thing is tho when i got a drug screen at the hospital on sunday, it came back positive for benzodiazepins so i know that it was real but what else was in it is anyones guess. The reason i took it so calmly is that couple of my friends did and had no complaints. I keep gettin all nervous as another day comes and i really feel no different. My question is how would i know if there was slight brain damage, would a cat scan show it? THe doctor thinks it is somewhat pyschological so they gave me lexapro to calm down and just let it pass threw my body.
I am not coming down on you, but sweetie, you took a pill that came from some other country, a pill that wasn't prescribed to you by a doctor? I'm not sure what the drug regulations are over in South America, but there could be other things in that pill that would be in a pill made here in the USA.

It's true, everyone's body's react to and process chemicals differently, but it is concerning that after 6 days, you are still feeling "not yourself". I wonder if that pill caused a tiny stroke like event, or something like that? Maybe it caused a chemical imbalance that needs to be addressed? I just don't know what it would be.

It could also be, as the doctor said that you are maybe just very worried and are not feeling yourself because of that worry. Worry can cause crazy things to happen within the body. Oh, I do hope and pray that in the future, you will stay away from pills that aren't prescribed to you.

Also, when did he give you the Lexapro, and how many mgs. was it? Lexapro has a long half life and can also cause symptoms like what you are having. I took them several years ago, and in my opinion, they should be taken off the market.

Please, please take care and keep us posted.