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Hello everyone! Today was a good day for me. I was finally diagnosed and know what is wrong with me...
I went to a regular medical doctor today and was well prepared with my 3 pages full of notes outlining all my issues and finally was informed that what I am experiencing is nerve damage from my surgery. She said that since I have been under so much stress lately, my body has been slow to heal itself. She also said that because the cyst had been there for at least one year prior to being removed all the tissue, nerves in that area have not had a chance to get back to normal and my lymphatic system is slow in draining all the fluid from that area, which is what is causing the swelling.
She prescibed Lexapro for the anxiety and stress and also gave me a prescription for neurontin to help with the tingling feeling I am having.
She examined my throat and jaw area throughly just to make sure that she did not feel any lumps because I was concerned that the cyst may have come back but she said it all felt completely normal.
I must say that I am so very relieved.. Maybe now I can relax and start allowing my body to heal.
Thanks for the advice here and I wish all of you the best.