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I have been having the same itching problem. Went to a GP and he said he thought it was stress related. Gave me Lexapro. It didn't help. Then I went to a dermatologist. He didn't spend 5 minutes with me, looked at one of my itchy spots and diagnosed allergies, prescribed Allegra. I asked the pharmacist if other medications would do the same as the allegra, since I had several types at home already and he said absolutely, so I've been taking Clarinex. He also told me to see an allergist and have tests done to see what I'm allergic to. I haven't really changed anything in my diet or otherwise. For about two months I started using dye free fragrance free Tide and Bounce sheets, to see if that would help. I still itch and have patches of red wherever I scratch. I get aggravated because it sometimes looks at first glance like I have a hicky on my neck but after a couple of hours it goes away - customers see me for 5 minutes in a day and leave, never knowing that a couple of hours later it was gone. It's embarrassing. I have even scratched my leg so much during the day, right next to my knee, that I bruise. It turns BLACK and when the bruising fades away it leaves a slight discoloration. If you get an answer on this please post!