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quote=GoodThings] The thing that struck me was that before i left, he told me NOT to get a crown on that side. He probably knew all i needed was a crown, but didn't want me to know.


This sort of struck a nerve with me - I cracked a tooth due to grinding. (atleast that is my theory) Inflammation was so intense, pain was horrible - I also had a lot of jaw pain on same side as tooth. Finally had a root canal, beautiful new gold crown - STILL have pain in crowned tooth AND jaw.

I am going from oral surgeon - who blames the tooth, back to Endo who says tooth is fine. Dentist says go to oral surgeon and if that does not work go to Endo - which I did and it did not help/

WEIRD thing is tooth and jaw are WORSE at night. I go to bed and sleep, wake up and feel better. As day progresses pain gets worse and at times is REALLY bad.

Medication wise I take Lexapro (can NOT attribute it to TMJ) and ambien. Have taken Klonopin, Relafen, Flexaril - was made an acrylic nightguard for top teeth - just began using it so far no relief.

>So what's all this? Why the lies? I don't know. But to answer your question, it seems like the doctors don't really want us to get better. They want us to go from doctor to doctor to doctor as if there is an understanding between them concerning tmj patients. That's how i feel.

I don't get it either - at this point I just think NO ONE knows what is causing my problem, oh I forgot - I had an MRI too of my jaw in March. AND I have had several doctors ALL tell me something different about the MRI!!!!!!!

They cant even agree on THAT! I FINALLY got my insurance to pay for the MRI - after months and months of fighting with them and my employer.

I am ready to see someone new. I see you (Good Things) went to NYU and did not think it was worth it. Have you seen anyone in the NY area that has helped you?