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Your story is classic zoloft side effects. You probly crave sweets too and have gained weight. You cant excercise because zoloft wont let you have any energy to do anything but eat and sleep. I am sure you have notice that your joints hurt as well.

Been there done that. If you need an antidepressant, switch to lexapro, you wont gain weight and will have more energy. Not total energy back but at least 50% will come back. My hubby gained 40lbs from zoloft and couldnt get off the couch.We both take lexapro and luvvvvvv it. Paxil has same effects as zoloft.
HI Emily. I tried CPAP for a year and could not get use to it. I would take it off in my sleep or the cord would be around my neck when I woke up. The noise woke me up. They gave me Lexapro to relax me but it didn't work. I use a Mandibular Dental Device now. It clamps over the top and bottom teeth. It is like a retainer. You turn it with a key. I need it adjusted because I just had a 4 tooth permanent bridge put in prior to my back surgery. It still does the job. It is not as effective as CPAP but only thing I can use. Of course I've had problems with the Narcolepsy meds. I was on 1000 mg of Provigil which is unheard off. Usually 400 mg is the limit. Still it didn't work. Now I'm on Dextroamphetamines. Not working either. I just don't drive long distance anymore. Mine is not where you pass out. Mine is where I am exhausted all the time and can barely keep my eyes open. If I feel it coming I can pull over etc. I drove today for the first time since my back surgery. It was sore but able to do it. It's nice to have some freedom back. I only drove to school to pick my son up a few blocks away. My Obstructive sleep apnea was diagnosed after losing 165 pounds post gastric bypass surgery. I always had it. Losing weight makes it better. With Obstructive I will always have it. My tongue slides back as I have a small pallette. Since 25 years old it has been rough. I've had two major ovarian cysts surgeries, one cesearean, two sinus surgeries, knee surgery, gallbladder surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric bypass revision surgery and back surgery. This was from age 25 through 41. After all that the dr. says I am basically healthy. Luckily nothing life threatening. All can be controlled. Those are they days where I think I am lucky because so many people are much worse off. My dr. wants to know why I am not depressed. Maybe I am a little. But if I don't smile I would cry all the time. Sorry, I think I wrote my life story. Today my pain was a tiny bit better. Everytime I put that in writing I pay for it the next day. Let's hope it's on the mend. It is so cold here today which makes it worse.