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Hi Sage,
I've had a similar experience. In the past 8 months I've been to an orthopaedic surgeon spine specialist, a neurosurgeon spine specialist, a chiropractor, an acupuncture specialist, and a neuro-physiatrist. My pain is mainly in my right glut and follows the sciatic nerve down my right leg, sometime into my foot in my little toe. My MRI revealed MILD bulging disks in L-4, L-5.

Over a period of 8 months, I've had a shot of cortisone in the trochanteric bursa, (when they suspected bursitis in the hip); about 8 sessions of acupuncture; went to a deep massage therapist 8 times; had weekly chiropractic adjustment; went to PT.

Then I was referred to a neuro-physiatrist, pain management MD. She began her treatment over the last 2 1/2 months. She has done: 6 or 7 trigger point injections; one ineffective epidural; and one ineffective SIJ injection; and three shots in the facet joints.

The epidural, the SIJ (sacroiliac injection, given right into the sacroiliac joint) and the facet joint injections, were all done under local anesthetic (each take about 10-15 minutes, so I was only under for that period of time). They are also done under guided fluoroscope. I didn't feel a thing. The 'shots' are a way of determining a diagnosis, and for some the shots alleviate pain, and sometimes eliminate the pain for an extended time. Two of my friends have been pain free, each for about 2 years, both having has severe sciatic pain. I wasn't so lucky, my pain is still here.

Initially the physiatrist also recommended an antidepressant, Lexapro. She told me that the same nerves that cause depression, also are related to pain. She said that they've had a lot of success in 'breaking' a pain cycle using antidepressants in conjunction with other meds. I took the antidepressants for about a week, but I was nauseous constantly, so I stopped taking it. I tried it again, and had the same problem so I stopped taking it again.

I still don't know exactly why I'm having the pain. Yesterday the neuro-physiatrist kind of dismissed me, saying that she felt that she had done all that she could do. Once again she reiterated the same as the orthopaedic surgeon, that I am definitely not a surgical candidate.

I'm going to 'pick up the ball, and run with it' on my own for a while. I'm going to try light exercise, yoga, massage, and take the meds that she's now prescribed, Celebrex and a muscle relaxant.

I'm taking the Celebrex. Took 2 (200 MG each) yesterday and 1 this morning. I think I feel some relief. Also, I still have hope that the facet injection (that I had last Monday) combined with the Celebrex may still somehow 'kick in.'

Oh, Sage, I'm also in Florida, St. Petersburg..

Again, to all, have a pain free holiday, and I wish everyone a healthier New Year!!