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Hopefully this explanation of my issue makes sense. For the past year and a half I have been bothered by a numbness in my chest area. It is located in the area from the bottom of my sternum and stretches under my left breast. I wouldn't call it painful, just annoying. It doesn't happen all of the time. I may not feel it for over a week and then all of a sudden it comes back for several days, then disapears again. The strangest thing though is I only seem to feel it when I am in a seated position(like at my office chair , vehicle or in a recliner sitting upright.)

When this sensation occurs it is immediately relieved by simply sitting up straight, or arching my back, which works every time.

I do suffer from panic disorder/anxiety, but that is for the most part under control with 10mg on Lexapro, which I was perscribed in January for the first time(Paxil made me crazy). I do also have asthma but rarely have any issues with that.

I have tried to convince myself that because I am overweight by about 25 pounds that this sensation is because by belly overlaps my ribcage in the exact area that I feel discomfort, when seated.

While I would love to know that this is actually the reason I have this issue I am hesitant to believe it since my belly was like this two years ago, when these symptoms didn't exist.

I was hoping someone would have maybe some ideas as to what this could be and if someone else has had this issue what did you do to get it to go away....