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On what you've said I'd take a guess that you are suffering Depression/Anxiety which can easily give you a lot of the symptoms you mention. The fact that you are depressed/anxious can cause you to really notice/be compulsive about little things on your body to the extent that you feel unwell and this can make it seem so much worse.

I've been there at your age and I'm now 31 so I can see in hindsight.

Your belly could be bloating because of depression/anxiety in a form of irritable bowel syndrome. Hair loss due to stress.

Many people get rashes after the shower. This can be due to the type of water for example my girlfriend gets it now and again ? water sometimes hard/soft.

As far as sneezing blood, you may have just burst a nasal membrane.

My advice to yourself would be to go to the Doctor and get your physical symptoms checked out and also tell him about your Depression which could well be your main/contributing ailment. See if he wants to put you on for eg. Celexa or Lexapro for several months.