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I'm planning to take my 9 year old daughter to the dr soon but wanted some advise. the problem is my daughter is constantly mad about something, wrong shoes to wear, don't like that shirt or pants or socks and so on. Doesn't like her hair she is too fat nobody likes her everyone hates her. her older sister doesn't love her no one loves her she is going to her room and stay forever no one will miss her. she wishes she were dead cause she messes up all the time anyway. Hearing her crying and yelling makes me so mad and upset and makes me cry as well. We have tried telling her positive things, punishing her, and ignoring her. Nothing works. She does very good in school. but everywhere else its like this 70% of the time. I have tried warning her when I hear the tantrum starting trying to get her to think and breath first, doesn't work.
How do drs evaluate the differance in depression, other disorders and attitude problems? When is it more than just needing an attitude adjustment? I have had depression for several years now but I really tried not to let them see it. My lexapro is the best. The other problem is my husband does not agree with therapy. "I am not making my child go to a phsyciatrist, end of story". I will do what is best anyway.