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Hi lol,

Your's worked beautiful cj!!! lol good job! A for the day for both of ya!
I even see your smiley faces at the bottom of ur msg.

You wouldn't believe the pills I take, arrrggghhhh What are you wanting to take omega fish oil and cq10 for? if i may ask :blob_fire For a vitamin I take prenatal vitamins lol the pharmacist told me that was the best one to take for what I wanted. It has the D 400 u in it as I read in an article you shold take it...helps with BC; for my cholesterol I use "Red Yeast Rice" which is awweome and it has the CQ10 in it but you have to make sure u get the right bottle, one doesn't have the CQ10 in it. Crestor for prophalaxix for my kidneys cuz of my diabetes, lexapro for my depression-coping; arimidex :) ;
3 senekot for you know what (hahahaha) Then for my diabetes I take 2 pills and one shot twice a day. And guess what my shot is made from? you will never guess lolol ---------------------------------------> gila monster ---------->spit! lololol. Honest! (is that TMI? lol)

I don't care for tea actually. My gf in calif sent me some tea that is suppose to be good for CA but it tastes like do-do :mad: Do you shop at a Hi Health type store for your extas? Thats where I go.

Ok I won't write a long one this time, I've gotten carried away here. I'll do better :blob_fire.

Take care and talk to yas laterz....
Wait lol. Ok cj u r from NY and Teresa is from Tenn? so time wise u r 2 hrs away and teresa 1 hr away to my time? we don't do DST here :)

Ok good nite!!!!
Hi all :)

Hey JoJo....I got my first prescription for the xanax the first week of May of 2006. I found out about my BC at my mammogram which they did an immediate ultrasound...said its protocol if they see anything. Surprisingly the gave me my results. At that time I was having loads of anxiety and needed something. So I started using the xanax 1-2 mg. the first week of June. It was hard for me to face my family. All I could do is cry in my bedroom. I had my lumpectomy on 6/15 and by day three had a massive infection in my breast. When I did take it I only took the 1 mg. Then on 7/7 I had an auto accident. Some idiot lady hit me almost head on, I didn't have seatbelt on ;( and my van was totalled. When we hit I was thrown against the steering wheel but told the paramedics I just wanted to go home. The only pain I felt at that time was knees and elbows...all 4 looked like rug burns. 2 hrs later I was hurting...my left shoulder blade and left breast (where i had had surgery). I peeked at my breast and it was bleeding and the blow to my chest had popped open my incision half way. I hate taking pain pills cuz they are so constipating so I'd take the xanax maybe everyother day or so. I took it through my mastectomy and chemo. My last chemo was 11/20/06 but maybe stopped the xanax in sept or oct cuz I was finally relaxed. I took one the day of my first radiation cuz I was scared and it was easy as pie :) So then I didn't take any more til I discovered I had insomnia from the arimidex so might take it 2-3 times a week. No pain from the mast site, just the porta cath area was sore and the incision under my arm with my lumpectomy.

Xanax can be addicting but now is not a time to worry about that. If it helps you...take it :) Thats what everyone told me. And when I can't sleep I take one...I just have to remember to take it early. Same with pain pills, I wouldn't take them either and my chemo doc got mad, said there was no reason for me to hurt sooo I started taking them too, maybe 3 x a week.

One med that worked wonders was lexapro. Its an anti-depressant and I didn't think I'd ever be taking one but I really like it. It is also what helped me cut down on the xanax. With Lexapro, if I missed it for 2 or 3 days...I would find myself crying again, so I knew it was helping me alot.

Hope this helps ;) Keep the faith and positive thoughts...that will help you through all this. My prayers remain with you.

Warmest regards,