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Hi there everyone :wave:

Ah ha!!!!! found ya Cj and Teeeee lol. I kept watchin on the other page (arimidex) and thought I lost ya but here ya are :)

Hi to all the ladies here as well. Sorry you have to be here but a pleasure meeting you all. I won't try to catch up to allllllll the msgs here but will say keep the faith and don't give up. As Cj said I think it was, so much advancement in treatment in the last 20 years. Just learn all ya can and take charge of your life :)

I agree that you can't keep things hide inside you. I did that for a while and would try and not let my family catch me crying. I gave up on that and just explained to them its just part of dealing with my diagnosis and I need to be able and cry once in a while. I member my hubby got so worried if he came home from work and I was laying down. I told him I'm only taking a nap and that I was ok, nothing was wrong. He still worries tho but I'd never give him up in a minute. Lexapro 20 mg has really helped me, and xanax.

I am now a 1 year and 2 day survivor of BC woooooooooooo hoooooooooo :blob_fire :blob_fire lol. I was diagnosed last May 30th, 2006. I had Stage III, 5/10 nodes positive, er positive. I also have a family history of Breast cancer. Mine was Intraductal/intralobular cancer of the left breast. I had a lumpectomy 6/15/06 followed by a bad infection; auto accident 7/7/06 totalling my van when a lady hit me 95% headon busting my lumpectomy incision 1/2 open; followed by a simple mastectomy on 7/13/06 followed by a bad infection and ending up in the hospital with cellulitis of the left chest wall with staph.

I also had 8 treatments of chemo, 4 with adriamycin and cytoxan and then 4 treatments of taxol, followed by 31 doses of radiation. I am now on Arimidex and doing okay. Tiredness is my main complaint, i've decided it will never go away so I just live with it. I have Valley Fever, but stable, but that can be contributing to my tiredness and soreness as well. Then I'm also diabetic so that makes my healing very slow or slower than normal. You see I am very special lol.

I live in Arizona in the Valley of the Sun. Today was 102 and the rest of the week is supposed to be 106 to 108....here comes summer!!! I have been married to the same man for 37 yrs come this august. We have 3 adult children.....2 girls and 1 boy. My oldest is 28 and youngest is 21. My family has been very caring and supportive of me through all of this and visa versa. It has really brought us closer. I have had a very positive attitude with this and feel that has really kept me sane (ok cj and tee no comments lolol).

Teee...did you ever get a support for your shoe for your plantar fascitis? That is one thing that really cured mine. Not the $2 Scholl ones but a good $20 insert plus and anti-inflammatory. I haven't had problems now with mine for three or four years. Cj...I envie you at the beaches but in a way I don't because every time I stand on the sand I feel like i'm sinking and run back to shore lolol. Yup chicken!!!!!!!!!

Again, welcome to the board Phyl, jezell, lea and i'm gonna see if I missed anyone lol. one sec!! And Phyllis :) I can't get pass this page lol.

Take care all!!

See ya soon,
Linda :wave: