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I actually had issues with hardware post- L5/S1 fusion. The weird thing was that I there was a time when I was doing great. Walking daily, functioning well, basically feeling better than I had in a while. I was even in a regular exercise routine (water aerobics) and my Doctor and PA were very proud of my progress. Then one day I took one careless fall carrying in groceries. I hit the ground hard and twisted and could feel a popping in my lumbar region. The pain just seemed to get worse and my Spinal Specialist ordered a CT scan and actually could see where the instrumentation was pressing on a nerve/tissue and that was probably what was causing all the pain. Since I was COMPLETELY fused I was scheduled for an outpatient procedure to have the instrumentation removed. I felt the difference almost immediately and SLOWLY began to function normally again.

My only issue is that surgeries are hard on me in the since I also have lupus and so I tend to go through difficult times post surgery (increased exhaustion, joint pain, etc.). And for whatever reason I had a very difficult time after the removal of the instrumentation and actually became quite depressed. Even though most the pain was gone, I just felt horrible from the inside out. I don't know if it's from all the surgeries I've had, but it was a strange reaction for me since for the most part I haven't had that level of depression. (FYI .. I'm doing better now and functioning well on Lexapro).

Anyway, sorry to get off topic. So, are you fully fused? Have they done a CT scan? I really think a skilled Doctor can find if it's an instrumentation issue. I would say find out for sure, make sure your surgeon is reading the scan and not just going by the report - that can make a BIG difference. I don't even think my specialist reads the reports - he goes by what he sees on the scans and I think that's what ALL good specialists do.

I hope this helps. Please keep us posted on what you decide. :angel: