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i would definitely at least try another anti D.i have taken zoloft in the past and it did work well for me,but when i went onto lexapro a few years ago,it had less side effects and i just 'felt' better overall.it seems to be a bit "smoother" than some of the others i have tried.every anti D is just a little bit different than the others but they are all pretty much the same as far as being SSRIs.it wouldn't hurt to at least give something else a shot.i had very different reactions to the various ones i tried over the years.

i am just wondering if in any of the testing you had done if they ever thought to have an MRI done of your c spine since this is where those nerves that run down to our hands actually start?considering your symptoms,i really think it wouldn't be a bad idea to at least see what could be lurking up there that could be responsible for all your symptoms or at least the upper ones ya know?believe me,you don't have a flippin clue just what is actually going on within any area of your body til you take a good look inside it with some level of actual deep scan,like an MRI.considering the symptoms,it should just be done in order to rule it in or out as a possible cause of them.at least your doc could check that area off the list if it isn't showing any big issues.if i was in your current posistion,this is what i would do.depending on just what is or isn't found would dictate the next step.please keep me posted on what you find out,K?good luck, FB