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Hi Everyone............Been awhile since I posted here. Last week had 1 day surgery to have very small nodule(POSSIBLE DCIS) removed, which is noninvasive and very cureable (IF it even is DCIS), Surgeon said 95% that it's nothing. Last time I posted here was about month ago...I was freaking....since then I've done a complete 180. Got put on Lexapro, because my anxiety was through the roof. It has helped tremendously. I was also on klonopin, but only had to take that several times..don't even need that anymore. Go Thursday for results of surgical biopsy. While I was in recovery room, surgeon spoke with hubby and said everything went very well....and he was very confident results would be good. I am not very anxious about Thursday. I've even chosen to go alone. Even IF it is DCIS, I know I can abosultely handle that. I have the best support, family and friends.
The reason I stopped posting was because we went on vacation (just had to get away), then I just got really busy. Met so many wonderful friends here, and got so much support and encouragement. Just want to thank every one. Love you all,you know who you are.
Anyway I have a question. For about a week after surgery, right where they removed lump, I could feel some kind of fluid, it was real squishy, gel-like:confused: . I called dr. immediately, and he said it was normal.. It's gone now. Has anyone else ever experienced that? My breast also seems a little swollen, I swear it feels and looks like I had a small implant. It's already normally a tinee bit bigger than left one, but now it's noticably bigger. I'm sure the swelling will go down.....Ya'll take care and the best to every one of you. Hope to hear from some of you soon.