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I'm currently having success w/ Lexapro--but only after getting up to a high enough dose (20mg). And I supplement w/ Ativan as needed. Together, they're working well for me. I haven't been brave enough yet to give the Lexapro a go alone, without the Ativan (though that is the goal)...

Good question Botcho. Am curious to see others' replies!
I used celexa for 8 weeks but it was to sedating. Didn't want to get out of bed. I just started on lexapro. Hope it works. I also take buspar for anxiety. I am taking the lexapro more for depression with a little anxiety. Godbless:angel:
I did answer your question earlier - but for some reason it did not post.

I like Prozac very much for panic and anxiety. It gave me energy, not the anxious kind.I was only on it for a very short time because of other health reasons. I hope to go back on it soon.

Never taken Zoloft but I have heard some great feedback on it.

Celexa was good but I was too tired on it. Same with Lexapro.

Also, I like klonopin.