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I bought a lumbo-sacral brace and haven't even tried it yet...LOL...just so sick of trying everything to help!

As far as luck with the Vicodin...I would say about two months ago it wasn't doing a whole lot for me so I was rarely taking it, however, since reducing my Fentanyl patch level, it really seems to be helping when I'm just in too much pain to go it alone.

It's funny too because of the prescriptions I've had for Vicodin, 7.5/325 mg works alot better than 7.5/500 mg. It seems the higher the level of acetomenaphin (the 325 vs 500) the more side effects I have. In the 7.5/500 I do no get as much pain relief and it seems that I get really itchy from it which is a huge side effect of narcotics. If you can take Ultram (tramadol) that is great as it has alot less side effects than the regular opiate narcotics, however, I had a severe reaction between Ultram and Lexapro and cannot take it.

I've also found that sitting with a large ice pack behind me several times a day really has helped to reduce my pain level. My husband is a PT and has always preached at me to 'ice ice ice' but I absolutely hated it...however lately it really has become my best friend and helped alot.

If your finding any ways to relieve without medication that is your best bet...now it seems like getting off meds is just another hurdle in the quest to TTC which I'm sure you understand. I know that Bondgrll is currently pregnant and has similar problems. She was one of the members who said that SI and Hip injections are what have given her the most relief.

There are a few of us on her with the same 'symptoms' per se...I haven't been diagnosed with SIJD but the more I'm reading the others posts and symptoms I think that this may be a large part of my problem. It really is miserable as it hurts a good portion of the time to sit, to walk, and even many times to lay down. This pain is usually more intense than any actual 'spine' pain that I have from my fusion...muscle relaxants help very minimally and combined with the above, that is what makes me think it has to be a joint/mechanical or nerve problem.

Ask your physiatrist if they are experienced with cranio-sacral therapy or know of a PT who is...it may be worth giving a try. I've been working with my husbands coworker who does this for the past 3 weeks and it seems to have helped a little...basic premise is teaching your body how to move again...many times it may be referred to as neural manipulation also. I would brew up a big caldron of witches brew if it would work so I'm willing to try just about anything!

Alright...back to trying to sleep!