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Yeah I did a scratch test for allergies which was all the mold, dust, pet, food etc. All came back negative. He said he wants to do blood work on me which will be in 3 weeks. He feels that anxiety is most of my problem which I can say I do have since I have not gotten better. But besides that, how can I have fluid in my temple, facial pressure etc. Anxiety doesnt cause fluid. On top of that all this came about when i had to come off my thyroid meds. It started with severe post nasal drip. Anxiety doesnt cause post nasal drip, im sorry. Sooooo I will be seeing my ENT this Tuesday. But my CT scan was on my sinuses which showed no infection. I took antibiotics for 7 days cause my doc thought it was bacterial. How do you know if its fungal? The only other weird thing ive had was green spots the size of a dime on my tongue? I had that for a day and then the next day the post nasal drip set in. My thyroid is almost back to where it was to rule out if thats the cause. I also have started lexapro for anxiety which will rule out that. So if this persist with all that in check, you cant say either of the two is the cause.

Oh my new symptom today is when i swallow, my ears are popping.

Thanks for everyones replies.