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Hi BayBreeze,

I have been keeping track of what time the cramps start each day. I'm beginning to think that it may be the heat of the shower bringing it on. I was outside in the heat yesterday and the cramps started then too. After I get out of the shower and begin to get dressed is when they usually start. I have to stretch out on the bed and put something under my back to ease the pain.

I take numerous medications each morning at the same time but my family physician does not think any of the meds should cause the pain. I'm currently taking Lexapro, Wellbutrin, Lamictal, Klonopin, Prednisone, Triamterene, Advair and Albuteral. The Traimterene is a diuretic and it seems as though the cramping started around the same time I was precribed it. I asked my doctor and of course she was focused on my other issues and didn't seem to think this was a problem.

I have to see my Rheumatologist next week so maybe I can get an answer from him.