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Hey Lin and others,
Lil and Henry have some good advise.

Lin, my daugher (22) was diagnosed w/type II diabetes a few months ago. Have you gone to a dietitian? She did and was very glad she had. The dietitian was goldmine of info.,such as spacing out certain foods, eating your meals extremely slow, etc.
The health anxiety, I have been there and done that. Just recently I've had quite a few people, friends, acquantence(sp) die or get diagnosed with something. I am no longer worried about myself, but everyone I know and love. I was very depressed recently and with the help of Lexapro, am feeling better. I decided then if I'm gonna die, it might not be so bad. Crazy as it sounds, that sad thought I had while depressed has completley gotten rid of my fear of dying!

Here's to getting rid of our health anxieties;)