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My story, 40yo male slightly (was) overweight, non-smoker, don't eat red meat, don't drink, high stress job last year and a half.
Several years of pain in left mid abdomen almost to the bottom of rib. Comes on and is aggravated by heavy lifting or bending. Disappears for weeks or months and returns. Two GI's sent me away saying it was not bowel but probably muscular. The last episode was triggered by BM's before defecation(one in the chamber), and the pain would radiate to left side and hip after BM, now pain has disappeared again.
New symptoms over last 2 months have been building. anxiety, fear of radiation from CT Drs have ordered, fear of perforation from colonoscopy, fear of findings. Came down witha stomach/intestinal virus or possibly food poison ? in Oct, after that have lost appetite, dropped 20 lbs, stools have gone from nice big fat tube that looked like peanut butter to a variety of abnormal ones. Some look normal the first couple of inches than lumpy at the back, some just little tiny pellets that are hard to pass, some strings of mucous in stools, sometimes some undigested particles like lettuce peas or berries, never any blood. Have a BM every morning like clock work, but lately have to return several times a day for smaller ones, have the feeling like I have to pass a big one and it's just a tiny lump.

I lost nearly $200k (all I had plus borrowed) in the market this year so my stress is beyond reason, I decided to end my Market career just as all this new stuff started. I have no appetite and have had reflux issues while laying down, but if there is a good meal in front of me and I get a taste I get hungry but seem to get full quickly (used to be able to out eat anyone)
felt bloated like my gut weighed 200 lbs yesterday after eating a large meal. Passed a small amount of gas this morning that relieved it and urinated clear pee most of morning (was I retaining water?)

I spoke to my GI Doctor yesterday and he told me that my newer symptoms could be from IBS and stress but is fed up with me for my phobias and to go to a shrink and call him back when i have my head together. I am worried that I have the worst and have had panic attacks in the last few weeks. Now on Lexapro for and xanax for anxiety. My primary says all my blood work is to good for me to have any issues and to wait out the anxiety depression stage before having invasive tests. The only good thing to come out of this is my stronger relationship with God and new appreciation for my Family, but worried that if i wait it out it might be too late. Should I just check into a Hospital ? could not handle bad results if they came would need to be drugged immediately to keep from harming myself. Please , need advice from knowledgeable source to make my decision. Bless you all !
I am a bit more calmed down now. I had started on Lexapro about a week before I went into the hospital because so many telling me that what I have is caused by anxiety. I believe that the Lexapro increased my anxiety at the time and I should have been on xanax more so because of the initial side effects of a SSRI.

I have been so full of fear and anxiety for so long that I seem to blow everything out of proportion. I was Baptized on Christmas day and received prayer as well as made plea with God to help carry the weight on my back. Amazingly, the next day the pain I had for over a year disappeared. I had an appointment to see a new GI who was willing to work around my fears and anxiety by performing the non-invasive steps first. Though the pain had gone, my fears and anxiety were blowing my body apart, I had been getting an average of 2-3 hours of sleep per night for 2 months and had dropped over 20 pounds due to lack of appetite, so when I tried to start a normal eating schedule again I think my body just couldn't handle it. I was bloated and uncomfortable and sore from 10 small BM's a day so with the anxiety any discomfort was exacerbated in my mind, I was in fear of my life so I broke down and went to the ER. Had I just trusted in God to carry me through for two more days I would have seen this new GI who would liked to have started with much lesser invasive studies. Now since having the CT I am anxious about the radiation exposure since I have now had two of them within 3 years and had a dozen standard x-rays along the way for other things.

I have had several mixed opinions from Dr's on the issue with most telling me I have nothing to worry about because the CT I had was not a 64 slice and it was a once through instead of one with and one without the contrast. I am still nervous because I have since found out that CT is not the best tool for looking into the hard organs and could miss something in the pancreas or other organs, however the CT is the only good way to look at the GI system since it is always moving. So what does one do?

I spoke with my insurance company today because when I visited another GI a few months ago the denied a CT scan so i wanted to know why. They said because they had wanted justification and didn't feel it was warranted without preliminary studies like blood work, fecal testing and ultrasound.

Now I am not saying don't have a CT if your Dr feels like you need it, but I think that the less risky studies should be done frst as my insurance company believes especially if you have a history of accumulative ionized radiation. So why didn't the Dr order any other tests? Why didn't the following two Dr's that I saw while Dr shopping order some prelims? I could understand if you went in with heavier symptoms than mine, but now I am stuck with mixed feelings about the possibility of false negatives and or something as a result of the radiation.

I have been eating 3 normal meals per day vs 1 or 2 small ones, and have had my bm's increase in size and consistency.

it seems that so many that have a real diagnosed issue are far more optimistic than I and I am ashamed of myself.

I may or may not have a real pathological issue, so I am going to work on unstressing and strengthening my faith before any more studies or procedures.

My heart and my admiration go out to you guys who are really going through the real deal. Most of my focus and prayer has been centered toward myself, but know that I will be including all of you in our family prayer.