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These are metal discs that you apply to the outside of your back.

I am 28 and had two discectomies at 25 for pain that kept me imobile for several months. They worked for about 6 months until i started gettimg more back pain and found out i had severe tissue damage from the surgeries performed. I am now unable to work right now b/c i get severe pain down my back and right side of my hip. It coems and goes in severities but stays pretty constant. B/c i am unable to work, i am unable to get insurance. I have insurance through my mother, but it has refused any coverage on my back due to prior issues with it, obviously. I got this insurance after my surgeries. I have no coverage whatsoever for my back except through another person insurance. The person who hit me in april of 2007, while i was riding my bicycle. I am about to get mlast steroidal shot and its going to be a nerve block. I am nervous and am hoping for the best. The steroidal shot, the second one, was actually pretty painful when they told me it wasnt going to be. I dont particularly like teh doctor who does it, he acts like im being a baby, but oh well, i cant be picky right? At least im getting the shot.

To put it in lamens terms, i had two discectomies for prior problems with my back, about 2 years later in april of 07, someone hit me with their car. I am now getting shots through their insurance and trying to prove that this accident caused me a lot of emotional anguish and more pain. The xrays do not show much of a change since the accident, but i know and my body knows that this accident made me worse than i was.

My question is if anyone can tell me where i coudl find these alternative treatment metal discs.

Living like this at 28 really doesnt give me much hope for the future. I am about to go on lexapro to keep from feeling so depressed and suicidal. It hurts as i type this now, even with pillows and a back roll on an a padded leather chair. This new pain is awful down my waist and hip on the right side. Then it goes down my leg but not as severe, then it skips to my ankle and foot. I'm not liking life right now.

Thank you for listening and look forward to some helpful responses.