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I met with neurosugeon yesterday and they are not convinced by symptoms are coming from 8mm c3-c7 cspine. I told them the main one is across left chest and stomach /diaphragm area that scares me like a cramp, although depending on how I hold my head or turn it I get others, back thigh cramps etc. They did x-rays of cspine/tspine including flexion and extension and said it appears 2002 fusion is holding. I think that because my reflexes are still ok that the neuro wants a referrel to a neurologist for a SSEP test next Friday to rule out anything else. He said neck could be a Red Herring? The appointment with the neurologist isn't until March 7th and a followup with neurosurgeon on March 12th. This is driving me crazy.

My primary care put me on some stuff call Lexapro for anxiety to rule out panick attacks and pulled my B12 to make sure it is OK. I followup with him in 3 weeks.

I posted MRI results from last June earlier here on board and neckpatient responded. I just want to make sure I'm doing the right things. The symptoms this morning included some burning in upper arms and chest.

Please help thanks.