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Well i have many appts. coming up. I have my appeal with my ins comp. tomorrow over the phone, I have my reg check up with my doc. also tomorrow, and then on Thursday I meet with a new surgeon in Portland. Hopefully my arthroscopic surgery will be approved tomorrow, it has been a battle for 5 months, that surgery is at Mass General, but I would like it to be here in Maine. I would like to find a surgeon in Portland or Bangor. I have been living with mutiple symptoms everyday, and it is old. I am scared that I am going to deal with this for awhile. This is not a flare-up. The medicines I am on are not as effective now, and unfortunately, I just dont feel good, and it has changed my quality of life. My boys, 2 and 4, are really good, and they understand that mommy has good days and bad days. I want to get this under control and have at least 1 more child. Currently, I am on flexerill,ultram er, vicoprofen, diazepam, and lexapro.
I have learned not to get my hopes up that this person will help me, but it is hard. I am praying everyday, and other people are too, that I can get on the right path and find help to start feeling better and getting this condition under control. I do feel that the discs, or lack of, have a major part in my face pain, and therefore my whole body is off. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I will let you know how my appt. go.